Wild knives from the wild west

levi graham knives


Ever since I can remember I was fascinated with knives. I started forging knives back in 2011 and I don't have any reason to stop now. I focus on making Frontier/Western style knives creating a look that is rustic yet new and fully functional. Each knife is stamped with the lg trademark and complemented with a custom sheath I hand craft.




Each knife is hand forged - Normalized - Annealed - Ground and I like to do mostly high flat grinds - File work done to spine - Heat treated or Hardened with industry slow or fast oil that will produce the maximum hardness for the type of steel being used - Tempered 3 times to desired hardness and to produce an even hardness througout the blade - Finish grind and clean blade - Handles shaped - Knife is antiqued - Handles are usually bonded to tang with a flexible epoxy as well as pins - Final edge is put on and stropped on the leather belt


Every knife I make gets complemented with a handmade sheath as well. The inside welt is like all sheaths made of vegetable tanned leather and then wrapped with deer rawhide and hand stitched with waxed linen cord. Decorations can include fringe, beads, braids, horse hair, cones, quill work and more.


 Some features of my work in magazines